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WindBlend Tips


Smart LCD Screen:
Safety lock:
  1. '88': The cup body and base is tight, the blender can start working.
  2. 'ER': The cup body has not tightened with the base.
  3. 'U5': Click & hold button to start blending.
Battery induction:
  1. 'LO': Low battery.
  2. 'CH': Charging.
  3. 'FU': Full battery.
Working status:
  1. 'EL': The blades are blocked by the fruit. Please cut the fruit into small pieces.
Power bank mode:
  1. Single press for to turn on the function of the power bank.


Before you add your favorite ingredients. First things first add your liquid of choice. Whether it's water, milk, juice, or tequila; you want to fill your WindBlend with 60% fruit and 20% liquid. This will help you create the perfect concoction and make the blending easy.

Start your WindBlend upside down! So that the steel blades reach their full potential...25,000 RPMs! Then turn it right-side up so that your ingredients slide down hitting all 6 steel blades at maximum speed. 

You can blend ice, just make sure you blend with plenty of liquid inside first, and that your cubes aren’t too large. If they get stuck, add liquid, shake your WindBlend a bit, or turn it upside down.

Never Run Out of Juice™. Now you can charge your favorite gadgets using the WindBlend as a mobile power bank. You can also charge your WindBlend with any USB port! You can use a phone charger, your computer, even the USB port in your car. 

Clean your WindBlend after every use. The WindBlend cleans itself (so you really have no excuse, lol). To clean, fill it up with just enough water, add a drop of dish soap, press the power button and 20 seconds later your WindBlend will be clean! Never submerge the electronic base.